Features to look for in Top Ecig Brands 2016

The e-cigarette market has grown tremendously in this decade. There are numerous companies in the market that offer the products making it easy for smokers who need variety. Among the most common brands, you will find that there is a great effort to produce e-cig products that not only perform greatly but also have reasonable pricing. The e-cig market is definitely maturing and the brands coming out each year are a reflection this. Whether you are a beginner or used to vaping, there are a couple of things you will need to know before you buy a kit. Here are key features of top ecig brands 2016.

Best Ecig Brands 2016


There are many best e-cig UK brands out there that focus on other features and forget about portability. What they do not know is that many people, especially those switching from cigarettes, are conscious of the size of the ecig. This means that they prefer the most compact product out there. This brings about convenience since the ecig can be carried around easily. Many brands of 2016 have realized this and you will definitely see it reflected in the more recent products. Modern ecigs are compact and very mobile.


The key difference between a good ecig and great one is the power management. Depending on the brand, there will be slight to huge differences between the time a product lasts with power. While many users buy the products taking into account their specific needs, the battery should be one of the top things to check. Some brands of 2016 have transformed the industry and many are some of the greats that have defined the market when it comes to power and safety.


A good ecig is definitely defined by its taste. The taste itself is a result of the liquid that the product has. Many flavors have been developed over the years due to the demand by users. Some brands have done great work in providing a variety of products of different flavors but maintaining a signature taste. When considering a good ecig brand, it is important to look at the variety of flavors that a particular brand has to offer.

Ability to customize

The flexibility of different ecig brands can sometimes be the difference between a great brand and a poor one. Sometimes, it might become necessary to change some features of the ecig, like the e-liquid, but keep the rest of the ecig. This is why it is important to consider the ability to customize a brand to your needs in 2016. Customizable e-cigarettes are definitely a great value for money.

There are many other things you can consider when looking for top ecig brands 2016. Price, for instance, is important especially when you are a regular user. Features like safety measures also need to be considered. Quality products come from good companies that follow professional standards. You can therefore look at the established brands to determine quality. In overall, 2016 has seen a huge improvement of ecigs and it is definitely easier to get great brands in the market.